by Warp Rider

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released January 1, 2016

"Hallogallop" recorded at Minnehaha Recording Company by Tony Williamette with assistance by Jimmy Byrne. "Desert Song" and "Spider Artefact" recorded at MCTC Studios by Arik Xist. All songs mastered by Tony Williamette.

Warp Rider is Adam playing guitar, Cory playing bass, Jason singing and playing guitar and Matt playing drums.




Warp Rider Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Desert Song
I See Through
Red Dust City
In the Bubble
Of Jewels

Feet Fall Steep
Titan Dream
Hawk Wings Out
Back of Mouth

On the Veldt
In a Karst
Tempest Seethes
Neglected Cub

Dry Resin Stench
Scrub Veldt
Train Tracks Lay

Crooked Trees
Up the Crags

Dust Over
Mite River
In the Crack

On the Karst
Through the Veldt
Feral Cub
Tempest Wells

Kicked Out
On the Plain
Wild Flame

Left Out
Eyes Forget
A Chaos Glint

Hollow Ground
New Power Found
Tempest Offering

Glimmer Sphere
Tardy Heat
Feral Cub
His Eyes Forget
Stone Legs Touch
Track Name: Hallogallop
Petrified Hurtling Screech
Fortress of Thoughtlessness
Engine of Fate

Corpuscles Woven of Silken Lives
Literature Spilled From All Legs

Walk With Wings Under Jeweled Spheres
Scarifice All at Once and not at All

Paralei, Mind of Stone, Knight
Born of Weave With Her Violet Sword

Rhownaby Enclosed in a Hovering Slab
Mummerial Wrapping Disguise His Geas

Hrafif Gadgeteer of Beetle-Back
Friends of Fortune, Tales Brought to Point

Under the Mantle of Kestrel Gale
Tiny Golden Eyes Grow to Seethe

Bandages of Weavesilk Corsucating
All Their Sacrifices Begin to Breathe

Amethyst Dappled Steel
Cutting through the Caves of Slipstream Thralls

Obsidian Legs Sprout From His Back
Tied in Fate and Fortune They Begin to Fall

Steers the End
Finish Me, You Finish Yourself
Hesitate, Sense But You Don't Know
The Tiger-Source at the Core
Of All Things
Track Name: Spider Artefact
Oil Slick Eyes Awake!
Pearl Baubles Shifting in Clay!
The Forest Starts to Shake!
Fallow Dreams Dismay!

Spider Eyes
Stuck in Earth
Seeping Through
Miniature Immense Girth

Bulbous Orbs
Carved From Oak
On His Knees
Timelines Truth Soak

Wooden Legs
Around His Mouth
Silver Thread
Injected Weave Draught

Elixir Swirls
Golden Glance
Hawk Screams Sprout
Nebula Pools Dance